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Reading time well spent!

I didn't know much about healthy food, much less healthy food preparation, but I knew I needed to try to eat healthier, so I decided that reading this book should give the idea a fair hearing. It quickly became obvious that eating healthier was not the black-and-white, all-or-none torture that I had imagined! On the contrary, Ms. Gensits makes a clear and lively presentation that explains and provides examples for multiple purposes/levels/degrees of healthier eating, with options and sub-options for each. So it's adventure rather than torture, with flexibility and new experiences along the way! In addition to the wealth of useful information, the candid, often humorous, writing style and interjection of personal anecdotes make this a fun read as well!
- Dennis Bassett


Very informative book written from a practical point-of-view. I do not know a lot about nutrition but this book was very helpful in giving me a base of knowledge on eating healthy. I liked that the book offered suggestions on how the author uses her ideas with her own family. There are suggestions for everyone, even if you don't want to go all in on healthy eating. It was well-written and easy to read.
- Ben Bassett

Great book

I really like this book. I have read many books and articles concerning nutrition and health issues. I am always searching for answers to improve my family's health. Allergies and digestive problems seem to be our greatest challenge; as it is with so many others. Digested pulls together some of the details I’ve read over the years but forgotten and offers new information, too. It’s great to have access to all that information in this one book. The information in this book clarifies much of the confusion about nutrients, chemical additives, and processing that impact our health. I found the information on labeling very helpful in understanding its meaning. I am impressed that such a small book contained so much vital information and it is very easy to understand. After reading this book I feel more confident in making choices about the food I buy for my family. I would recommend this book to everyone. Thank you Natalie for taking time to write this book and sharing all this valuable information with others and me.
- Carolyn B.


I enjoyed reading this book. I too recently began to eat healthier for a number of reasons. This book was informative. I learned some new things and also some changes I have made reaffirmed my commitment to eating healthier.
- Joann Cobb

Great book

Great book, especially liked the personal stories
- Brian W.

*The* healthy eating book!

If you are going to read one book on healthy should be 'digested...' This book is easy to read and is written with humility and humor! Ms. Gensits is realistic about how the average reader will be able to improve their eating habits and doesn't intimidate with the challenge. She gives you realistic, easy to follow advice on how to make healthier choices for your diet. I was inspired right away to begin with my very next visit to the grocery store (yuck!) the weekend after finishing the book. Thank you!
- cara

Read This Book!

Great advice for healthy eating.
- Grace Wilson

Digested, easy quick read for good health

Good information from the author’s personal perspective. Great suggestions for improving health of self and family.
- Y. Levy


A fun, accessible and no-nonsense approach to adopting healthier food choice habits. I have now read and re-read this book at least 5 times. Each time, I find something new to share with my patients.
- Dr. Sharon Whalen


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