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Your leafy greens listed by rank and how to blend them into your St. Patrick’s Day festivities

Celebrate this St. Patrick’s Day with superstars of the leafy greens list. So…it’s not your traditional green beer, green eggs and ham feast, but it’s more nutritious and you can still have some fun. Check out which leafy greens rank highest and how to weave them into your St. Patty’s Day ways.

Raw leafy greens list ranked by nutrition

Just like other lists, a ranking can be deceiving. For leafy greens, it depends on which nutrients you wanting most and how you’re preparing them. So we’ll look at a couple of different rankings and lists.

First, this leafy greens list, formulated by the Huffington Post using CDC data, ranks raw salad greens based on nutrient density scores.

From brownboxsoil.com

My kids prefer the crunchier romaine lettuce and don’t eat a lot of dairy, so based on this information, I should mix some watercress with the romaine to supplement calcium.

You, too, can use this leafy greens list to toss together a salad that’s perfect for your needs. Or if you’re buying a pre-mixed box of salad, take a closer look at the greens it offers and make sure you’re getting good nutrition for your money!

Leafy greens list for the non-salad eaters

Not everyone loves salad and there is debate about whether eating raw foods is good for your digestion or not. So as with many food issues, do what seems to work best for you. Here’s a list of leafy greens (not ranked) along with their highest nutrient offerings.


Some of the stars on this leafy greens list can also be eaten raw, but are more often cooked. Though cooking vegetables will affect the nutritional value, your body may digest them better cooked than raw. If this is the case, steaming greens and vegetables makes a great compromise since it begins the digestion process for you but doesn’t cook away the precious nutrients! For specific nutrition data on any leafy green or food, befriend and bookmark Self Nutrition Data.

Find lots of different ways to cook your favorite leafy greens by searching online. If you don’t like collard greens one way, try them another! That’s why I rely on other sources for recipes instead of trying to figure them out myself – I can find a way to like the foods before I give up on them! If you need help getting your kids on board, read 10 ways to get your kids to eat vegetables now.

Lastly, as with all foods, mix and match from your leafy greens list so you get a healthy mix of nutrients. Rotating your foods (eating a variety of grains, fruits, veggies, etc. instead of one grain, fruit, veggie, etc. all the time) is key to good health and a strong immune system.

Leafy greens and leprechauns on St. Patrick’s Day

Now for the fun stuff! If the leprechaun in you wants to indulge in St. Patrick’s Day doin’s, add a bit of good luck to your celebration with these suggestions.

This St. Patrick’s Day, show your spirit by eating more leafy greens naturally, whether by incorporating them into traditional Irish dishes or creating your own new ones!


*This blog is intended for use as a source of information and should not be used as a substitute for professional medical care or advice.