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5 keys to allergy relief and feeling better naturally

Are you looking for allergy relief that comes more naturally? Or maybe just feeling better in general is your goal?

You can begin to achieve both with these 5 action items. I know from experience.

I love being outdoors – it’s like that morning coffee for coffee lovers. Ironically perhaps, my body is sensitive to pollens and mold.

natural allergy reliefI long to be outdoors without fearing the severe stuffiness, headaches and nausea I sometimes get, and without taking prescription meds that wreck my body even more over the long-term.

I hate being sick. But I’ve desperately wanted to get a cold that actually ends in the normal 7 to 10 days, without a trip to the doctor.

I crave waking up without a blocked nose or phlegmy throat and with energy and well, a pulse!

That’s not asking too much, is it?

What does allergy relief look like to a chronic sufferer?

For more than 20 years, I’ve wrestled with chronic allergies and fatigue, and an immune system that is not up to snuff. I’ve been through many tests, doctors and treatments.

Now for more than 10 years, I haven’t taken prescription allergy medicines. Just 2 times over the past 16 years, I have had to take antibiotics.

Finally this winter, I did have a “normal” cold. And I did wake up 4 or 5 days being able to inhale and exhale freely through my nose and feeling truly rested. Hallelujah!

So I’m still a work in progress. But I have taken huge steps forward. And I’m hoping to help you do the same by sharing my top 5 keys to allergy relief and better health.

How can you start down the road to relief?

Seek care from a holistic care provider in addition to your traditional doctor. Without my holistic doctors, I would have never found the other key factors to healing my body with fewer drugs.

4 Avoid antibiotics, and take more natural remedies as needed. Even studies by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have revealed that antibiotics in the U.S. are over-prescribed. I used to take antibiotics 3 to 5 times a year for sinus infections before realizing they also kill the good bacteria in my guts, too.

This article by expert Chris Kresser says that 1 course of antibiotics may permanently change your gut flora. And many doctors today keep prescribing more when the first round doesn’t work!

I can’t stress enough how damaging antibiotics can be. They have a place in medicine, but they should be our last resort. A holistic care provider will help you find a homeopathic remedy, herbal supplement, essential oil or other treatment to help heal your body more naturally instead. My doc even does kid-friendly chiropractic adjustments that help alleviate ear infections and other sinus-related issues. The non-Rx possibilities are many!

Use sinus rinse daily with distilled, filtered or previously boiled water and packets of salt mixture designed for this purpose. I use the NeilMed bottle to blast out my nose twice a day – in the morning and before bedtime – because I’ve never been able to get the Neti pot to work.

Get good, restorative sleep. If you need allergy relief, ditch the pillow-top mattress that’s likely holding lots of allergens captive and get something comfortable and hypoallergenic.

I’ve written lots of article and ebooks about mattresses and sleep, and now know just how critical 7 to 9 hours of sleep (more for kids) is to good health. I finally decided on an organic Dunlop latex mattress despite hating the smell of everyday latex. We love it and have invested in the same mattresses for our growing kids.

Now I also notice if I get just 6 hours of sleep a couple of nights in a row, I will pay for it, usually by feeling super congested, lethargic and prone to migraine headaches. You just can’t put a price on quality sleep.

Eat a healthier diet. Even if you think you already eat healthy, assume you have room for improvement. Aim to make 50% of your diet vegetables, ideally organic.

I could write a book about the reasons and ways to eat healthier, even if you have a million excuses. And about how even healthy foods could be countering your efforts for allergy relief and better health.

Well actually, I did write this book. It’s called Digested – eating healthier made easier 3 ways. It’s a simple and quick read aimed to help you gain allergy relief, feel healthier all around and likely even lose weight.

I wrote this book because changing my diet has produced the most results. Now I have more manageable allergies with a better quality of life – even outdoors and without traditional medicines.

Without changing my diet, my inflamed nostrils would not have allowed the NeilMed to do its job.

Without changing my diet, inflammation in my guts would not have allowed L-glutamine and other natural supplements to repair as needed.

Without changing my diet, even the most pure, luxurious mattress would not give me the quality sleep I need. Now instead of wasting energy constantly battling the foods it sees as enemies while asleep, my body can use that energy to truly restore itself, like it’s supposed to.

To sum it up, without changing my approach from eating reactively to eating proactively, I’d still be rotating through many prescription allergy medicines, wrecking an already over worked body, hiding from the amazingly beautiful outdoors and simply surviving through all my kids’ outdoor adventures and games.

I’m not looking to survive or get by. I’m on a mission to live.

Come along for the ride, but please take the shortcut!



*This blog is intended for use as a source of information and should not be used as a substitute for professional medical care or advice.