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Should kids focus more on eating vegetables and less on learning to read?

How important is eating vegetables in your household? Is it a habit or a hardly-ever? Do you willingly do it? Are you doing everything you can to make sure your kids know how to do it? Do they know it’s vital to their future success?

What if we considered eating vegetables as important as learning to read?

If eating vegetables ranked as highly as learning to read, things would be…a little different.

  1. boy almost eating vegetables leftWe would be taught to cook and eat veggies at different levels throughout school.
  2. People and organizations would ban together and volunteer to provide tutoring and free vegetables to make sure all kids learned how to prepare and eat them.
  3. Teachers would reiterate daily that the kids should get 6-7 servings of veggies a day. Parents and teachers would work together to make sure that it gets done.
  4. Students would not earn a diploma and be able to go on to college or work without eating vegetables.
  5. If working people did not eat vegetables daily, they might have to pay higher health insurance premiums or earn lower pay.

Now let’s take this dream world a step further. Who remembers The Jetsons – the futuristic cartoon family? Take a glimpse into an even more veggie-centric future.

  • Doctors would not prescribe medicines until patients tried changing their diets first.
  • We would see fewer coffee shops, bakeries and candy stores and more farmers’ markets or veggie stands.
  • Kids would love to get veggies as a reward instead of candy or screen time.
  • Kids would get screen time once a day, if that, and ask for veggies 6-7 times. We’d be so tired of hearing about veggies!
  • We would sell veggies and fruits for fundraisers, instead of baked goods, pizza, candy and popcorn. Ring pops and fish crackers would be scarce!
  • We’d belly up to the bar and order the standard – a burger with sweet potatoes.
  • We would suffer less disease and dysfunction while spending less on medical expenses.
  • We would be friendlier, more rested and joyful people.
  • We would see increased focus at schools and productivity in jobs.

Should parents and teachers help kids focus more on eating vegetables than learning to read?

No. After all, we need to read about all the wonderful veggies that exist and the reasons our bodies need them!

Besides, is eating vegetables really that crucial? After all, plenty of people who rarely eat veggies seem to be just fine.

Well, they may be one of the few lucky ones, or it may all catch up with them. Eating vegetables helps ward off countless – maybe all – illnesses and diseases, slows aging, supports better emotional health and more. Check out this fantastic article by Dr. Mercola about the benefits of eating vegetables.

Learning to read is important to our happiness and success. And we definitely don’t need to distract our government with enforcing this notion of eating vegetables. But just think about how much more successful and healthier (did I mention happier?) our world could be if we all took eating vegetables as seriously as learning to read.

So for the love of feeling great, put “eating vegetables” higher on your family’s protocol. Make 40-50% of what you eat be veggies. If you can go organic and avoid the GMOs, even better. And there’s this easy-and-fun-to-read book called Digested – eating healthier made easier 3 ways that will help.


*This blog is intended for use as a source of information and should not be used as a substitute for professional medical care or advice. 

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