about the author

As a mother, wife and writer, I felt called to share what I have learned about eating healthier throughout my struggles with chronic fatigue and allergies. I have tried various doctors and treatments. I have tried desperately to control elements like my environment, stress, exercise and even attitude. What I’ve learned is that my diet influences not only my health, but my ability to cope with all those other elements .

I love food and a beer as much as the next person. I know how difficult it can seem to eat healthier. And I know how resistant many of us (me included) are to change, especially when we are crazed with busy-ness — nevermind stopping to think about the food we’re eating.

But in the end, we are still responsible for our own health. And our crazed lives may come to a screeching halt if we don’t take care of our bodies.

We can all take strides to eat more naturally and to help arm our kids with better health. I wrote this book to make eating healthier more urgent and attainable for all. I hope you will indulge.

~ Natalie Gensits


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