eating healthier made easier 3 ways

A mom’s nutrition guide that makes eating healthier easier — for even the skeptic

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  • Start eating healthier, whether you’re eating horrifically or better than the norm.
  • Discover ideas to help troubleshoot your busy-ness or budget.
  • Learn about the differences in food label terms.
  • See if your symptoms are being caused by foods. (Even healthy foods might disagree with your body.)
  • Learn to survive (and possibly feel better than ever before) without the beloved grains.
  • Find helpful lists for shopping, planning and cooking.
  • Be inspired by several eating healthier success stories.
  • Support organizations also wanting to make healthier food choices.
 Buy on Amazon digested ebook smallest Wake up more rested. Eliminate symptoms of allergies, ADHD, depression and hundreds of other illnesses. Ramp up your focus. Strengthen your self. Ward off disease. Embrace a healthier weight. Save money previously spent on medications and doctor visits. And repeat, for all your loved ones who witness your effort. Eating healthier is a journey along a curvy, bumpy path — not an overnight visit. It’s not about achieving perfection. It’s about making wiser choices and embracing better habits. It’s seeking out the foods that truly feed your body and leaving behind the ones that suck the life from it. You know you should eat healthier. You may even want to. Maybe you’re on the right track but craving some reinforcement. Digested cuts through confusing buzzwords and serves the idea of eating healthier as a mouth-watering must-have (instead of as that ol’ unidentifiable bowl of uhh-no-thanks-I’ll-pass served at family gatherings). It’s time we start taking responsibility for our futures by changing one of the things we can truly control — what we eat. And maybe one day, when demand for them is no more, food additives and GMOs will be banished from this planet. But for now, just focus on your own choices. This handy mom’s nutrition guide with pages for your notes will even fit in your purse or a stocking. Plus, a portion of the proceeds from sales of Digested will be donated to various organizations to help promote healthier eating. Currently, proceeds will help provide healthy snacks for Mallinckrodt Academy in south St. Louis, Missouri. Stay inspired even after you read the book. Please share ideas, follies and successes on our Facebook page.

digested ebook smallestBuy on Amazon   


Use this food journal template to help identify foods that may be causing your chronic symptoms (digestive or other).

Use this paleo meal plan to make eating gluten free, grain free and/or dairy free easier!